Saturday, February 19, 2011

If God cares for the Sparrows...

If God cares for the sparrows, how much more does He care for me!
  Monday I received a statement in the mail from JCPenny's.  I knew something was wrong because I didn't have anything on the card account.  Sure enough, they were claiming to not have gotten my payment in time...  I looked up the information and thought they should have received it, however, it would be my word against theirs.  So I debated about calling.  It wasn't that much but I didn't want to pay the extra fee.  I could use that on doctor's bills :)  I just kept feeling like I should call.  I did.  And guess what?  They suggested taking it off and said it was probably because of all the snow.  (I didn't even think of that!)  I was so grateful that God cared about me!

There have been several times this week that God has showed me that He cares.  Like when a pipe is cut causing a water leak...all I could see was the plumbing bill.  (Paul and his friend were working on someone's house.)  The plumber fixed it right away at no cost and wants an estimate on his house.  They may get another job out of it.  Who knows?

The brakes went out of the van. Paul was home and able to fix them at a reasonable price! It was great he wasn't working and could take care of it for me.

Other things have happened that  I don't want to share, but I'm just glad I can say that if God cares about the sparrows, how much more He cares about me!


chasclif said...

Hi Vicki.

I liked your post. It is so true that He looks out for us at ALL TIMES!

Hope you don't mind me writing something. I just started blogging so it's all new to me but I guess I'll figure it out as I go! I will be adding to my blog soon and looking for ways to get it out there since I plan on using it for business and ministry.

Tell my brother and nephews I said "hello". Since I'm not sure how all of this works yet, here's my blog if you should want to check it out sometime...

Have a blessed day.