Sunday, April 10, 2011

family and cats....

See Smeigle up on the ledge above Paul's head. (We have shelves they can climb, but not the ones you can see in this picture.  The cat's shelves are over the stairway.)  Anyway, for some reason Smeigle was upset and decided he'd had enough!
Max was sitting on my lap....listening intently to Paul.  He thinks the world rises and sets on Paul. :)
This stuff seal was out for some reason.  Diva went over and laid down beside it.  Too cute!

Smeigle likes to lie in front of the heater vent but this is the first time I've seen him in front of the refrige!  He is the funniest cat....and the biggest in our household.
Smeigle.  (Ignore the ear mites.  Things like that bug me.  They bug Smeigle too ;) We were in the process of getting rid of them.  For some reason he is the one that has trouble with them.)  I like this picture.  Chad took it.

Proof that he was resting on my hands while I typed....I did most of the entire post with him there.  I know.  They are spoiled!