Monday, May 2, 2011

Sharing a part of my list towards 1,000 gifts

I don't have a long list...not that I don't have blessings, cuz I do :)  But I don't always see them or remember to write them down.  I'm trying to look for things that bring me joy inside...and for some of those that don't, because they are 'blessings' too...just hidden!

Okay, disclaimer's some of the list
1. motorcycle ride
2. cold wind blowing
3. a splash of color on the trees
4. water to wash my hands
5.  hair that is getting longer
6. Smeigle lying on my chest
7.Paul's voice reading
8. good books to read
9.scriptures to think about
10. laughter in Darrell's eyes
11. the smile on his face
13. classical music
14. the smell of daffodils from my mom
15. pictures of young sons (2005) enjoying life

  • lotion to soften hands
  • books to make me smile
  • (blogger formating to upset me :)  It's not working correctly for some reason) be continued :)