Sunday, June 5, 2011

Smiles Shared

Different times this year, a new day has come and one of our student's are gone. A lot of time, we had no idea they were leaving.  They always leave a hole and an ache in my heart.  It's really hard to not be able to say goodbye....
(Paul told me he was one of those kids growing up.)
I pray for my kiddos and this one I've really missed. I haven't seen her for several months, but last night at Walmart, I looked down the isle and there she was!! It was wonderful to see her and that we could exchange smiles. 
 I really wanted to grab her in my arms and not let her go. Paul was working that night, so I might have gotten out of it had someone thought I was kidnapping her :) But I didn't.  I just smiled at her with my heart in my smile hoping she would know I care.
It's heart breaking what some of our kids face. They are very precious. The last day of school was hard. Little faces, grimy hands...eyes that look very seriously at you and say, "I'm going to miss you. I'm really going to miss you." Sometimes school is the only secure thing in their lives. 
So thankful God allowed me to be at Walmart at that time and let me know that He hasn't forgotten them. They are all HiS children....the apple of His eye!