Sunday, September 11, 2011

How 9/11 affected us...besides the gas prices!!

9/11~thinking about all the lives that were changed and  the world as we knew it would never be the same.

  I remember Paul stating that he wanted to be involved with protecting our country.  It began a process that changed us forever.

First, he became involved with CERT; then he was hired to work with FEMA...working at least three hurricanes including St Bernard's parrish in New Orleans from Katrina damage. I had to get used to him being gone.  He started telling me, 'you can do anything I can do, just try.'  (I think he knew it wasn't true but he wanted to me to realize that I could do alot of things on my own if I had to.  And I learned he was right.  I could do much more than I thought I was capable of doing. I started riding along with the police before he did :) and I'm a good shot too...just haven't matched his speed yet!)

I remember the cold, winter day when we went to town in Great Bend, KS.  I went to JCPenny's and he went to the sheriff office which was across the street.  Paul walked up as the sheriff was getting out of his truck. The sheriff pointed at him and order him, "I want you to be in the next reserve deputy training class.  I'll tell the deputy in charge."  Paul had wanted to get in since 9/11 but the door never opened.  This door just opened wide and he knew it was nothing of his doings, but God's.

  He loved working with the Barton County Sheriff department.  In fact, several couldn't believe it when we were going to move.  One said, "If Paul is quitting reserves, believe it, he's moving." :)  He has a lot of fond memories of that time.

After moving to Independence, once our house was built, he joined the Montgomery County sheriff department as a reserve officer. Before that, someone close to us, suggested that he hire on at the police department here.  He really wasn't interested :)  But God began leading and directing.

I'm a 'worry wart' but I wasn't even worried when he applied for the job.  I just knew that was where God wanted him because of all the steps to this place and that he would get the job.  The only thing I was worried about was Paul passing the typing test!!  I had him practicing typing test trying to get him to pass :) He did....barely!  Paul asked them if he could wait a couple months before starting (he hired on in December and didn't start until February) as he was finishing building a house. They had never been asked that before, but it was no problem :)

I was worried how I would make it through the 14 weeks of Academy when he was gone.  Once again, those times in Great Bend when he was gone for FEMA etc. had started preparing me.  And we made it.  It wasn't without it's stresses and difficulties, but we saw the end and made it to graduation!  I felt like I was graduating too...I mean I had studied for those tests also :)

Just because God opened doors that He wanted us to go through, doesn't mean it has all been easy.  Some things have been some of the hardest things to walk through.  But knowing you are doing what God wants  you to do, regardless of what others may think, brings assurance that He is walking right beside you.  I try not to think about this, but often when I hug him goodbye or say 'I love you' as we end our phone call, I think "that may be the last time."  I don't know.  Only God knows.  I do know that policemen do have risks that the average citizen doesn't face.  I know they face a lot of disrespect and get called names that most people never hear called to their face.  I know that their heart breaks (at least Paul's does) over the sin and hurt in this world.  I see it in his eyes.  In the tired lines on his face.  In the long hours when he has to spend working on reports when his mind can't think any longer.

I know that for our family, 9/11 changed us.  But it's made us proud to be Americans, proud of those who serve, proud to loan out someone dearest to us to help others in the community....and thankful for each day we have a little longer together.  I love you, Paul and I'm glad that you are a police officer even when some days are beyond difficult. I'm proud of you!